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  • Timed Events Record Book - 2018

    Timed Events Record Book is a must have for any team roper, calf roper, breakaway roper, or steer wrestler!

    This 150+ page booklet contains:
    *A 16 month calendar which includes October, November, and December of the 2017 season, a 2018 monthly calendar, and January 2019.  This calendar is specifically designed to help easily plan and manage your next timed event.
    *Goals page - allows you to keep your goals in sight throughout the season.
    *Trip Details pages to document date, location, mileage, added money, entry fees, your time, money won, arena conditions, etc etc
    *An ever so important - Cattle/Stock section which allows you to document how different groups of cattle have worked throughout the season.  This will help you be prepared for your next run!
    *Running tally on all Association Points
    *Keep track of your horse's yearly earnings with our "Horse-Stats" pages.
    *2018 Accomplishments